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Why do we have a Contract?

At Tenzin Shih Tzu, all of our new owners sign a Purchase Agreement.  This agreement is prepared to protect you as the new owners of one of our puppies, us as the breeders of the puppy and of course, and most importantly, the new puppy.  Our primary concern is the welfare of the animals that we breed.  We are a small, home based kennel, we do not breed on a regular basis, nor do we believe in over-breeding.  We are not a "puppy farm" and work hard to ensure that our puppies never end up in a situation where they may be in that kind of environment. 

You will find below a copy of our contact, if you have any questions about this contract, please feel free to get in touch.


Tenzin Shih Tzu Pet Purchase Agreement


This agreement is made this **** day of ********** between Tenzin Shih Tzu [being the breeders, Liam and Alistair Richard-Howes], hereafter referred to as “the breeders”, and ********************, hereafter referred to as “the purchaser”, regarding the sale of the following Shih Tzu:


DogsNZ Litter Registration Number: ***************


Sex:  [ ] Female. [ ]  Male. 


Date Whelped:  *****************


Purchasers Address:  *******************************************************


Purchasers Contact:  ***************** [Mobile]. ***************************[Email].


Terms of Sale:

The above referenced dog is being sold to the purchaser[s] under the following terms and conditions.


The purchase prices stated below are non-refundable.


Limited Registration:  Companion Dog $4000.00 less deposit of $1,500


This dog/bitch is being sold with DogsNZ LIMITED REGISTRATION.  This means that the dog/bitch must be desexed.  The dog/bitch cannot be shown in conformation events, but can be shown in non-conformation events [ie., obedience, agility, tracking, raly-o, etc.,].


The deposit is non-refundable.


Terms of Replacement:


In the event that  euthanasia of the above referenced dog/bitch, before 30 months of age, is deemed to be in the best interest of the animal by a competent veterinarian because of the development of a genetic disease not to include dermodectic mange, or any nutrition related disease as specified in the exclusions of warrant, the said dog/bitch will be replaced with one of the same or similar quality from the breeders next available litter.  All veterinarian costs and shipping associated with the replacement shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  


Exclusions from Warranty:


The warranty will be null and void in the following instances:


  1. For any nutrition related diseases [ie., OCD, HOD, Panosteitis, etc.]
  2. Bloat [gastric torsion]
  3. If the dog/bitch is not desexed prior to 12 months of age
  4. If the dog/bitch is not seen by a veterinarian with 72 hours after obtaining possession of the dog/bitch


Purchaser[s] Responsibilities:


The purchaser acknowledges herein responsibility for maintaining the above referenced dog/bitch in a healthy, clean and safe environment for the dogs lifetime.  The purchaser further acknowledges responsibility for any and all appropriate medical care that is necessary for maintaining the health and welfare of the dog/bitch, including but not limited to heart worm prevention, vaccinations, flea treatments, etc.  


The purchaser agrees to have the dog /bitchvobedience trained by a qualified trainer no later than 5 months of age.  Puppy classes offered by local vet’s, and/or pet stores such as Animates fulfil this requirement.  It is the opinion of the breeders, that these group based training classes serve to assist in socialisation and development, and therefore are an essential part of a well adjusted puppies development.  


The purchaser further agree’s that they will be an active part of the Tenzin Family Facebook group to which they will be added after their deposit is paid.  This group allows for the sharing of stories, photo’s, updates, questions and generally sharing in our shared Tenzin experience as puppy owners.  In this way, the breeders are able to stay up to date on the health and wellbeing of the puppies that we so lovingly breed and raise for their new furever homes.  In the event that the purchaser is not on Facebook, the are to update the breeder on the dogs progress bi-annually via email with photos included.  


The purchaser will maintain the dog/bitch in excellent condition, ensuring that regular grooming is a part of the pets routine.  Groomers visits are recommended but not required if the purchaser wishes to keep the dog/bitch in coat or to groom themselves, but the dog/bitch must be kept in a well-groomed condition.


The purchaser commits to feed the dog/bitch a high grade, preferably grain free diet such as [but not limited to] Orijen Kibble.  This may be supplemented with other products to suit the diet and tastes of the puppy/dog/bitch.


The purchaser agree’s to maintain all legal laws and by-laws associated with their pet, such as maintaining council dog registration as required.  

The purchaser must also maintain all correct details with the Companion Animal Register of New Zealand [https://www.animalregister.co.nz/]


Under no circumstances is the said dog/bitch to be sold, placed, or otherwise transferred to anyone not party to this agreement without the express permission of the breeder.  In the event such a transfer occurs without the expressed written permission of the breeder, and the breeder determines that the dog/bitch has been placed in an unfit environment, the purchaser shall be held responsible for any attorney fees, court costs and other expenses [not limited to rescue and boarding fees] incurred by the breeder in the recovery of the dog/bitch.


Return of the Dog/Bitch to the Breeder:


In the event that the purchaser must give up the the dog/bitch, the the purchaser, or their agent, shall immediately return the dog/bitch to the breeder.  There will be NO REFUNDS.


In addition, the purchaser shall bring the dogs current health record and the return of the DogsNZ registration papers signed over to the breeder. 


Any amendments to this contract must be signed in writing by both parties.


If this contract matter is taken to court for any reason, the purchaser is responsible for all court and attorney fees.  


By signing this contract the purchaser acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement and agree’s to all terms.




_______________________________________________ _________________________________________________

‘The Purchaser” “The Breeder” Tenzin Shih Tzu

Alistair Richard-Howes/Liam Richard-Howes