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At Tenzin, we not only show and breed.  We love Shih Tzu, and other small dogs, and we often help new owners adjust to the grooming routines required by their dogs.  We also offer a full grooming service for small dogs, who often require very different treatment from their larger relatives.  In addition, we know that small dogs (and their owners) can sometimes have anxiety issues when it comes to boarding kennels.  We offer, at our discretion, an in home boarding service for small dogs while their owners are away.

Grooming Services at Tenzin Shih Tzu

At Tenzin, we take good care of our dogs.  This means we have a full grooming suite suitable for small dogs, and we make our grooming services available to the general public.  We specialise in small dog care only, as we don't have the facilities available to cater to larger dogs.  Smaller breeds often have different needs when it comes to grooming; such as longer or fluffier coats, coat growing between the pads of the paws, issues with nervousness, and other idiosyncrasies depending upon their breed and temperament.  At Tenzin, we groom from the house.  Therefore, before and after grooming, dogs are kept in a comfortable indoor home environment with access to the outdoors, water, toys, other dogs and humans for companionship.  Full grooming services are only available during weekends, as this is a service offered for the love of dogs, in addition to our regular everyday jobs.  Emergency and partial grooming services are available on weekdays as well as weekends; as we can fit these into our everyday routines.  This means we often have dogs around in the evening to be groomed, as this is convenient for us and the dogs' families too!  You can leave your dog with us in absolute confidence it will be looked after with the best of care, or you can stay for a cuppa and wait for your dog to be groomed.

Our grooming services include:

Full Groom: $90
-Comb out coat, wash and dry
-Coat clipped
-Nails clipped
-Pads checked and trimmed
-Ears checked and cleared
-Anal glands expressed
-Teeth cleaned
-Any breed specific checks and/or grooming procedures

A full groom typically takes between three and four hours, depending upon the dog in question.   The dog can be dropped off and picked up at a later time, when it's groom has been finished.  A full grooming session involves a thorough brushing and combing to remove any knots or matting in the coat, a bath with ProGroom natural grooming products, clipping of nails and trimming of any hair growing between the pads of the feet, checking of ears (cleaning and plucking if necessary), expressing the dog's anal glands which is often necessary in small breeds, cleaning of the teeth with vet approved canine toothpaste and hygienic silicone chewable brush, fast drying under our specialty dog dryer, a finishing brush, and breed specific clipping using professional quality clippers and scissors.  If we have not groomed a specific breed before, we will research any additional grooming or health issues, perform the needed checks or procedures, and clip the dog accordingly.

Maintenance Grooming: $60
-Comb out coat, wash and dry
-Nails clipped
-Pads checked and trimmed
-Ears checked and cleared
-Teeth cleaned
-Area around anus trimmed

A maintenance groom typically takes between an hour to an hour and a half, and is a quick but thorough going over of the dog to ensure it is clean and healthy and well maintained.  The coat is combed out and washed with ProGroom grooming products, the dog dried under our dryer, and the basic jobs of clipping nails, cleaning teeth, trimming pads, and plucking ears are performed as per our full grooming service.  Sometimes a dog will develop knotting or grow excess hair around it's anus, leading to excrement sticking to the coat.  To prevent this, we will also carefully trim the area and also trim the underside of male dogs who are prone to retaining some urine on their coat.  This makes for a cleaner, more hygienic, and more pleasant to cuddle dog.

Just The Tricky Bits: $45
-Quick brush
-Nails clipped
-Pads checked and trimmed
-Ears checked and cleared
-Eyes cleaned
-Teeth cleaned
-Area around anus trimmed

Most people are able to bathe their dogs themselves,and many people prefer to.  Not everyone, however, has the tools, experience, or willingness to do those annoying tricky jobs like clipping nails or plucking excess ear hair.  That's where we come in.  In about half an hour to an hour, we will quickly brush out the dog's coat and remove any obvious knots, clip the nails, check and pluck the ears, check and clean the teeth, remove any crusting or discharge from around the eyes, and trim the pads and around the anus.  This is a great service for people who prefer to do most of their own canine care, but like to have those extra little jobs taken care of.

Emergency Grooming Services: Price dependent on severity

Adopted a dog from the pound and discovered it's got severe matting in its undercoat?  Two year old child wanted to be a groomer and practiced on the dog?   Vet had to shave some fur, and now the dog has a weird looking patch?  Dog ran through a field of bidibids?  Dog ran through a paint tray?  Things like that happen.  We know, because we've dealt with them in the past.  We can tidy things like that up for you.  We can even out rough grooming jobs, cover and blend shaved patches, use natural but heavy duty products to remove any paint or tar or other nasty stuff while retaining the coat, and we can patiently sit and comb out matting and bidibids.  If you have that kind of emergency, we can probably fix it.  We have access to a variety high quality grooming tools most dog owners don't have, and we have access to a wider range of specialty products.  We also have grooming spaces at a comfortable height for the groomer and comfortable texture for the dog, so it's easy to keep them calm for the time it takes to remove a lot of knots, matting, or bidibid infestations.  Depending upon what's happened and how long it will take us to fix, the price will differ.

Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up: $20 Half Day, $40 Full Day + Grooming Fee

If you have to work or have other commitments, we can take your dog for a half or full day when it comes in to be groomed.  Before and after the grooming process, your dog will spend its time with the Tenzin Dogs.  They spend their day in a secure and spacious family area, with easy access to water, warmth, comfy bedding, the outdoors, and human and canine company. We guarantee to interact with your dog during its stay, and to supervise its integration with our very friendly and well socialised pack of Shih Tzu.  We don't provide meals, but if your dog is a puppy who is still on multiple meals a day, we will feed it on schedule as long as its food is provided.  (We will not feed your dog on our food: an abrupt change in diet to something your dog is not used to and may not be suitable for its needs would be negligent of us.  If you need us to feed your dog, you will have to ensure we are provided with its regular food, the time it needs feeding, and the amount you normally feed.)

Grooming Lessons: $150

If you have a brand new dog, or have acquired a long coated dog for the first time, you won't know where to start with its basic grooming needs.  We are more than happy to get you started in a casual setting over a cuppa to answer your questions.  We'll show you how to brush your dog, which brushes/combs are appropriate, and recommend the best tools to use when grooming your dog.  We'll show you how to trim nails (although you may choose to have us do 'the tricky bits', see above), and let you know if your dog needs its ears plucked, pads trimmed, or has any other breed specific issues to watch for.  We'll show you how to clean any eye discharge, deal with little knots, and how to get your dog used to the process of being groomed.  We will recommend what we believe are the best shampoo products if you want to bathe your dog yourself, and we'll give you pointers on how to use them.  All this will be done in an environment that is friendly and calm, so neither dog nor owner will be stressed.  You can ask any questions you want, we are more than happy to share what we know with you so you can ensure your dog is as healthy and well looked after as it can be.



Boarding Services

As you can imagine, we love our dogs and keep them in the best environment possible.  They have access to warm beds, cool tiles, private space, and a large yard.  They have plenty of company, both from each other and their humans.  There are always plenty of toys around, too!  Because Liam works from home, there is someone around for the most of the day.  In short, our dogs have the absolute best and most dog friendly home they could want.  Other pet owners obviously give their dogs the absolute best as well, and for some this means that a boarding kennel is not the best option for their dog.  Therefore, we are prepared to open up our home to your small dog while you're away.  You get the benefit of peace of mind, and your dog gets to benefit from our care, attention, and amazing environment.



What we provide
- A safe, secure home environment in a quiet neighbourhood
- Dogs have access to both indoor and outdoor areas at all times
- Cool pads, a slate tiled area, and plenty of chilled water during Summer
- Thick warm beds and gas heating during Winter
- Plenty of human attention
- Adherence to diet and medication routines
- A friendly pack of Shih Tzu to play with
- Plenty of safe and stimulating dog toys
- Chemical free environment
- Organic and grain free treats
- Updates on your dog (by phone, text, email, or social media) at specified interval
- Regular grooming if you're going to be away for a longer period of time

What you'll need to do
- Meet with us in plenty of time before you're planning to go away, so we can meet you and your dog
- Present us with your dog's vet records showing all vaccinations are up to date
- Ensure we have all your contact details, emergency contact details, and vet details
- Sign our boarding agreement, which lays out our responsibilities and gives us permission to seek vet care for your dog in an emergency
- Provide all your dog's food and any medication, to last the duration of their stay
- Pay a 20% deposit when you drop off your dog (this covers any extra food etc. we may need to purchase for your dog while you're away)

Our Rates

  • Day Rate:  $35.00
  • Non-neutered Surcharge:  $5.00 per day
  • Afternoon Pick Up:  $20.00
  • Administering Medications:  $5.00
  • Multi-dog discounts are available.
Drop off is counted as first day. 
There is a last minute booking fee of $20.00 for bookings requiring drop off within 48 hours.

What you need to know

We can only accommodate small dogs.  We are simply not set up to accommodate larger breeds.  The environment, beds, water dispensers, toys, treats, etc. which we provide are all suited to our own dogs, which are Shih Tzu.  Shih Tzu are a small breed, so everything is set up and sized accordingly.  If you have a Great Dane or a Malamute, we aren't the right people to look after your dog.  If you have a Pug, miniature Poodle, a Bichon, Shih Tzu, or any other small breed; we definitely have the right environment to suit your dog.

We don't take in dogs which don't get along well with our own.  In our home environment, our dogs are allowed the run of half the house and the yard.  They play together, sleep together, and enjoy each other's company.  Having a dog in the mix who doesn't fit in means that we would have to separate and crate one or more dogs for at least half the time.  That's not fair to our dogs, or to yours.  Our little guys are very social, and so far haven't met a visiting dog they didn't like (or vice versa!).  This is why we require you and your dog to come and meet us, in our home, beforehand.  We want to make sure the dogs are going to get along, in addition to making sure you are comfortable with us and the environment we provide.

We are a home, not a boarding kennel, and we don't have the resources to take in an infinite number of dogs.  We won't be able to take more than two or three at a time, and we cannot guarantee availability.  Whether or not we can take your dog or dogs will depend upon whether or not we are boarding another dog or dogs at the time, and upon our own circumstances.

We can schedule a groom for you while your dog is staying with us, so they go back to you clean and cuddly.  We can only provide full grooming services on weekends, so if you'll only be gone on weekdays we can't provide this service.  Any other of our grooming services can be provided, please see the above list.  If you're planning to be away for a longer length of time, we will provide your dog with the regular maintenance grooming needed for its breed and coat style.  Depending upon the dog's needs, this may incur an additional charge.  If this is the case, we will assess the dog during our initial meeting and agree upon the costs up front.  Otherwise, standard grooming fees as laid out above will apply.

If your dog has special needs, we can probably accommodate them.  During our meeting with you and your dog, we would assess their needs and determine if we are able to provide the appropriate level of care for your dog.  This may incur an additional charge, which we would discuss and agree upon up front.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your dog's requirements.