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So, You'd Like a Tenzin Puppy?

Of course you would!  They're super cute, happy and healthy little critters with a lot of love to give.  Look at the cute puppy! Don't you just want one right now?

Of course you do.  But we don't have puppies year round, we have at most a litter or two a year - if that.  So if you want to be considered for one of our puppies, there are a few things you'll need to know.

Firstly, read our contract and this link.  Does that information sit well with you, and are you happy with what's in our contract?  If so, then you can contact us about puppies.

If you email us, we'll reply with some information and ask you to call us for a phone interview.  If you call, we'll do that straight away.  This phone interview will determine whether or not we'll consider you for a puppy, so please be prepared to discuss you lifestyle, living situation, and experience with animals. This will help us determine whether a Shih Tzu is an appropriate breed for you, what temperament of dog would suit you best, and if we believe you'll be able to provide a loving permanent home for one of our puppies.

If you're approved to go on our waiting list, be prepared to actually wait.  There are plenty of breeders out there who'll hand you a dog right away, but ask yourself this: "how are they able to have puppies available year round, and still provide them with the care and attention they need?"  The answer is that they can't, and that puppy farming occurs far more often in this country than we would like to believe or imagine.  You could be waiting more than 12 months for a Tenzin puppy, because we care for the health of our bitches and we don't breed them every time they come into season.  We also take our time planning a litter, so we can have healthy puppies who live up to the type, temperament, and tenacity expected from a Shih Tzu.  You may get lucky and contact us right when we have puppies available, or right when we're planning a litter.  But then again, you may not.  That doesn't mean you have to wait around for a litter notification, though.  Keep in touch!  Follow us on facebook, email us to ask what's going on, call us every now and then.  If you make an effort to establish a relationship with us, we'll feel more confident homing a puppy to you.

So what happens when you do get a call from us?  You're probably going to get excited, but there are a few things we need to take care of before you're fully approved for a puppy.  If you're able to travel to us, we would ideally love for you to come and visit the puppies when they're old enough.  If not, we will want to have another chat with you to ensure you're still able to provide a wonderful home for one of our puppies.

The most important thing that will happen is a home visit.  We'll want to come to you, to see whether your home is safe and secure and suitable for a new puppy.  During this visit, we'll be able to give you advice about integrating the puppy into your home and making sure it's safe.  In a  perfect world, we would do every home visit ourselves.  Because we're unable to travel the length and breadth of the country every time we have a litter, we may ask a trusted breeder in your area to visit you instead.  We'll arrange everything with you beforehand so you know who and what to expect.  You might need to secure a hole in a fence or move a few things around, and it's easier to prepare in advance with some good advice.  We'll also be looking for things like whether or not you live near train tracks or an airport, if there's a lot of walking tracks in your area, if you have a garden or live in an apartment, etc.  This will help us decide which puppy will be most suited to your home and lifestyle.  A relaxed puppy who loves attention would do well in an apartment in the city where he gets to go walking and meeting people every day, whereas a puppy with more energy who loves to play would do better in a family environment with a large garden to play in.

Once the home visit is complete and we've determined you can provide the kind of home our puppies need, you'll be asked to sign contracts and put down a deposit.  Once the puppies hit 12 weeks old, you'll be able to take one home.  Ideally, you'll come to us and take the puppy home yourself.  However, we can ship the puppy to you.  We appreciate a call and some photos letting us know the puppy is settled in their new home.  We'd love for you to keep in touch and share pictures and stories about your life with your puppy, and we'd love to visit if we're ever in your town or city.  (You're also welcome to come visit us!)

If you're looking for a show puppy, please be aware that the wait will be longer and the interview process more thorough.  We'll want to establish a relationship with you and make sure you know what you need to know to have success in the ring. We are lucky to get one or two show quality puppies per litter, and we need to be sure they'll be loved and cared for in addition to being guided to a successful show career.

In the end, we're not looking to sell puppies and we're not desperate to adopt them out.  We are looking for loving, safe, forever homes where a puppy will grow up as a valued companion for the rest of its life.  If you've read everything here and you think you have room in your life for a Tenzin puppy, then you're welcome to get in touch.