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Tobesocuteisacrime "Toby"

© Maree Turner and Tenzin Shih Tzu 


Toby was our very first Shih Tzu.  We were looking for a puppy and while we had never considered a long-haired dog, we fell in love with little Toby the moment we met him.  He was the smallest of the litter, but the one with the biggest personality.  He immediately became a member of our family and his grooming became a natural extension of our routine.


 © Tenzin Shih Tzu


Toby went everywhere with us, either in our arms or when he got bigger, in his front pack.  Toby stole the show wherever we went and he was loved by all who met him.  It was Toby who sold us on Shih Tzu with his big heart and lovely attitude, plus he was so good.  He would only play with his toys and never attacked shoes, furniture or other things that were within his reach.  Being our first born, Toby was a learning experience and we made many mistakes with his grooming, but we soon learnt the right from the wrong.


When we learnt about sipper bottles Toby got the hang of them quickly as he does with everything.



 © Tenzin Shih Tzu 


Toby not only made a fantastic first born addition to our family, but as been just as much of a rock to his little sister Cartier.  Toby was the link in the chain that allowed Cartier to bond with us as a show dog and with Toby as brother and sister, playing and cavorting around together, running and jumping and playing to their hearts content.  Toby is always present at Cartier's shows, adding emotional support an an extra happy face when she wins in the ring.


 © Maree Turner & Tenzin Shih Tzu