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Why Tenzin?


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With the advent of TradeMe and other online avenues, it is easier than ever to get a 'purebred' dog.  You can get one for a few hundred bucks online.  So why pay more for a Tenzin dog?

Firstly, we guarantee that our dogs are 100% purebred Shih Tzu.  We provide papers for all our puppies, and all are registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club.  You know your Shih Tzu is 100% Shih Tzu, with no other breed mixed in.  And that's important.  Cross bred dogs, like 'pug-tzus' or 'shih-tzoodles' can have a host of health problems.  The separate breeds often have very different bone structure, which can lead to hip and jaw problems.  Respiratory and cardiovascular problems are also much more common amongst cross bred dogs.  It's not a 'designer dog', it's a dog bred for cuteness with no regard for the health of the animal.  Which brings us to our second point:

Tenzin Shih Tzu are bred for health.  When we breed, we do so with the intent of improving the breed.  This doesn't mean that we want to breed the 'perfect show dog' at all costs.  We believe that a perfect Shih Tzu in the ring is a perfect Shih Tzu; healthy and happy, meeting the standard because a healthy Shih Tzu should and not through selective breeding to achieve a great coat at the cost of everything else.  Tenzin Shih Tzu come with a health guarantee.  Any congenital health problems are covered in our New Owners Contract, and  we will refund or replace any dog that has health problems as a result of poor breeding.

When you purchase a Tenzin puppy, you don't just get a dog.  You get a fully immunised dog, complete with vet records to confirm that the puppy has had the proper healthcare.  We care for the mother throughout her pregnancy and throughout the time she is feeding the pups.  We make sure that she gets optimum nutrition and that the puppies get all the nutrients they need from her.

Not only are our puppies off to their best start healthwise, they also start their lives in a loving family home.  As soon as they are old enough to be handled, we begin getting them used to human contact.  Once they are able to be out and about and not confined to the whelping room, the puppies are introduced to other people, other dogs, loud noises, different sensations.  They are already used to being out in the world by the time they are ready for a new home, meaning that the transition to their new lives is less traumatic and stressful for both the dog and their new owner.

We also guarantee that whatever your circumstances are, a puppy from Tenzin always has a place here.  If your circumstances change and you cannot keep your dog, for whatever reason, we will take it back for you.  No questions asked.  If you can't find a boarding kennel or a dog sitter and you have to go away, we can help there, too.  We are more than happy to have our puppies come back to visit.

You take home more than a puppy.  If you haven't owned a Shih Tzu before, you'll be given training on how to groom and care for their coat.  You'll be sent off with a bag of premium puppy food, a toy or two, the dog's papers and vet records, and anything else we think you need.

So why Tenzin?  The best dog, given the best care, raised as best as we can until the point we hand it over to you, the best owner!